There is always something happening at the Bath Rod and Gun Club! Take some time to look through the activities we offer. There is something for everyone.

Skeet has been the most popular shooting activity at the Club for many years. Members gather Wednesday 2 PM - 6 PM, and Sunday 8AM – 1 PM to squad up. Member price is $4.00 for 25. We are very lucky to have Bucky Drake give free instructions to beginners and other members trying to master this sport. Bucky gives instruction on Tuesday morning from the first Tuesday in May through the last Tuesday in October. If you are interested call him directly at 776-6898 or just meet him on the Skeet Field promptly at 9:00. Kevin Proaper is the Skeet Chairman and can be contacted at (585)356-9156.

Wednesday Dinners

After 5 PM on Wednesday there is inexpensive hot food served in the Bar, as well as cold drinks and conversation. The first Wednesday of the month has Pizza for only a dollar a slice. The second Wednesday. is "bring a dish to pass", the third Wednesday is Club night (free stuff), the fourth Wednesday is $1.50 night and if there is a fifth Wednesday, it is "bring a dish to pass".

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday morning breakfast is the best deal in town, so bring your appetite and the whole family. Six dollars gets you coffee, eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, home fries, toast and plate-sized pancakes with real maple syrup. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10:30 AM.

We need help in the kitchen, so if you can volunteer to cook or clean Ed Bonicave has put together two crews for the spring. If we can get a couple more crews set up we will attempt to go back to our weekly schedule.  If interested please contact Ed at 607-583-4918

Every second weekend of the month field 3 will be opened and available for Trap shooters. Kevin Proaper is the Skeet/Trap Chairman and can be contacted at (585)356-9156.

The Sporting Clays course is found north of the bridge on Telegraph Rd at the west end of the club's property. You will see a very small gravel pit and a lane that leads up the hill to the course. Normally Sporting Clays are fired on the 3rd Sunday of the month from March thru October; check the club calendar or the events calendar in this web site for dates and times. Guy McGlynn is the chairman for these events. You can call him at 776-3033. Member price to shoot is $10 / 50 targets or $20 / 100 targets. Non-member prices are $15 / 50 targets and $25 / 100 targets.

Bullseye Pistol is shot on the heated 50 ft. indoor range Thursdays at 6:30 PM during the fall and winter months. The cost is $ 3/night. Contact Sterling Burdin 776-7408 

Cowboy Action Shooting is a real fun event. Shooters fire courses that could have come from western movies. The steel targets are arranged and the cowboy tries to hit them rapidly with his revolver, lever action carbine, and shotgun .There is even a bonus round where two shots are fired carefully at a distant target. Our horse's name is Trigger and he doesn't care if you wear a cowboy hat or not. Jim White (569-2353) runs this activity and doesn't require authentic cowboy guns. The cowboys meet at the law enforcement range at 6:30 PM on Thursday nights during the summer months.

.22 Rifle Silhouettes: We shoot .22 LR outdoors at 50 yards, any rifle, any sights, at paper targets and steel animal silhouettes. Come Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. (except the 1st Tuesday of the month) May through September, weather permitting. Contact Jim Peek at (607)776-1561. Cost is $3/night.

We shoot every Tuesday night in the winter at 50 feet indoors on the NRA light rifle target, 80 shots of .22 LR standard velocity. Call Jim Peek at 776-1561 if you are interested in either the indoor or outdoor matches. We don't have a formal program to help young shooters get off on the right foot but we would be glad to help teach your child or grandchild how to safely get started on a lifelong sport of rifle shooting. Jim Peek will be glad to help you get them started right. Tim McLaughlin (776-7518) is an NRA instructor and range safety officer that can teach Boy Scout groups rife shooting. The club has five .22 rifles that can be used to teach young people to shoot.

NRA High Power Rifle. The 50 shot outdoor high power rifle matches are the NRA National Match course fired at 200 yards:

  • 10 shots offhand in 10 minutes
  • 10 shots in the sitting position in 60 seconds
  • 10 shots prone in 70 seconds
  • 20 shots prone in 20 minutes

Service rifle or any safe rifle with any sight can be used with Range Officer’s permission. Cost is $5. Call Jim Peek at 776-1561. We are looking for new shooters; we have rifles and other equipment to loan and are happy to help you get started!

The Garand/Springfield matches are fired with military rifles used in WW II such as the M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, 1903, 1903A3, 1917 Enfield. Foreign bolt action military rifles can be fired in the Springfield match as can Krags. There are 5 sighting shots, 10 shots prone in 10 minutes, 10 shots prone rapid in 70 seconds for semi-automatic rifles and 80 seconds for bolt actions, 10 shots offhand in 10 minutes. The Club has M1 Garands for loan. M2 ball ammo must be used in the Club guns. The bore must be cleaned after use. Tracer rounds are not allowed due to fire hazard. Eye and ear protection must be used while firing. Consult the calendar for dates and times. Matches may be canceled due to adverse conditions or other problems. We have a covered firing line, but heavy rain with wind will cancel or delay the match. Call Jim Peek at 776-1561 to see if an event is cancelled. These matches are intended to be SAFE AND FUN. They are NOT NRA sanctioned and we allow most any safe equipment.

Hunting on Club property will be allowed for members only, guests of members will not be allowed to hunt.

  1. Portable tree stands can be used when hunting on the Clubs property. Stands must be removed by the end of December. Stands must be marked with the member’s name.
  2. Permanent tree stands are not allowed. Nails, screws, screw in steps will not be used in trees.
  3. ATV’s will only be used on the Clubs grounds to support Club approved events.