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Hunters' Tour

Shooting the league event involves 50 target presentations containing variations of regular 108mm, midi 90mm, mini 60mm, battue, rabbit, rocket, and teal target types. The minimum number of stations for the 50 bird event is 9 which provides 4 to 6 target variations per station. A combination of single, report pairs, following pairs, and doubles are thrown. The club offers European start shooting format.
All shooters will shoot a Virgin course upon arriving to a shoot. Just like if you go hunting, what you see, shoot at, and hit (or miss) is scored the first time you're on the course. No practice rounds are permitted prior to shooting for league score under any circumstances. If you plan to shoot in more than one class the Open class must be shot first.
To maintain continuous flow and movement of shooters from one station to another and limiting wait times at stations, shooting squad sizes are limited to 6 shooters or 6 guns maximum, whichever is greater. eg. If three shooters are shooting two guns or gauges each during one pass or time through all league event stations, the three shooters is the maximum squad size given they are shooting 6 different guns amongst them.

For more information contact Guy McGlynn (607)776-3033

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