We are always looking for new members; members are our life blood and reason the Club exists. Don’t be shy, you are welcome here. We think the best way to join is to come to the club, get a tour to see what it looks like and meet some members. You are most likely to find people at the club during the skeet shoots on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoon and evening. You can also contact the chairperson of the activity you are most interested in, or call the club’s secretary.

With the Membership you also get a valuable raffle ticket. The ticket is for the November Gun Raffle where a different gun is raffled off each day for the whole month of November. There are some very nice guns raffled but you also have the option of taking the wholesale cash value.

What does it cost? For members of the armed services that have returned recently (up to one year) from Iraq, Afghanistan or other combat zones it’s FREE for one year as a token of our appreciation for your service.

Adult membership is $60 a year

Senior membership (for folks over 60) is $45… please put date of birth on membership application.

While we don’t require membership in the National Rifle Association we hope you are or will become a member of that organization. There are many politicians that are attacking our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, the NRA has resisted these attempts to take away our rights and limit our freedom. The NRA is also the leader in promotion and training in firearms safety and organizing firearms competitions. We have a link to the NRA web site.


Our club runs on volunteers, we have no employees so it’s the only way things get done. Every May (7th this year) we have a work day where we clean up and get the club ready for the activities that come with nice weather. Please come out and help. There are many opportunities to volunteer from cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen or for a barbeque or Sunday breakfast to helping sell tickets, working on the newsletter, or keeping this web site up to date. It’s also a great way to get to know the members.